Each Mountain Red deer velvet capsule contains 500mg of pure New Zealand deer velvet powder. This is equivalent to more than 1500 mg of unprocessed (green weight ) deer velvet.  Some companies will try and confuse you with their labelling by saying the product is 500 mg when this weight is in fact the unprocessed weight - in fact their capsules contain only 166.6 mg of deer velvet powder.  The remainder is filler or other additives.

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Using this conversion factor some companies try and say that their product contains more deer velvet powder than it actually does. 

With Mountain Red product we guarantee the quality of the raw material, the processing (cGMP being pharmaceutical grade processing) and use no additives or fillers in any of our capsules, so what you get in each capsule is 500 mg of superior quality New Zealand Deer Velvet powder.

We were also the first company to receive a Therapeutic Goods Licence (TGA Licence) to sell product into Australia  - this is testament to our quality and integrity in material and manufacturing. Mountain Red products are free from additives, fillers, preservatives, and any flow agents.